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Retrospective planning - built on council land? Help!

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mistressploppy Wed 20-Jul-11 22:40:18

We had our offer accepted on a house in October last year(!) and are still waiting to get moving. The delay is due to the owners' difficulties with the property they're buying; basically they have had an offer accepted on a new-build house, but there is a dispute with planning (I'm quite friendly with the owners of the house we're buying, so they are the source of my information.)

The builder of the new house has gone bankrupt, so the receivers are the ones selling. Apparently the builder built the front steps of the properties (there are 4 in a row) on the pavement, over the boundary of where he was permitted to build. So now there is a retrospective planning application lodged with the council, to see about purchasing the land from them.

It's all very annoying, and clearly a red-tape situation, but can anyone clever explain to me how this is likely to pan out, and if there's any way I can find out more about the situation?

It's confusing because the other houses in the row are occupied, so clearly other people have managed to buy them and move in!

Many thanks for any advice

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