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Toning room colours

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vintageteacups Wed 20-Jul-11 22:33:52

Hi - we're about to move into a much larger house and taking our furniture with us. It's a forces quarter so already has carpets and curtains. In the lounge, the carpet is airforce blue and the curtains are burgandy with gold flecks. I'm having a nightmare deciding whether everything I own will tone and blend with the carpet.

I will 3 sofas; one soft, dark chestnut leather, one being recovered in a mauve/hydrangea type colour and one aubergine/plum colour.

There are 3 lots of windows so didn't really want to buy any but may have to.

The other problem is the dining room opens onto the hall, which opens onto the lounge (all 3 open up for entertaining so it's like one big room) and so it means that all three areas really need to tone. I'm trying to choose a table cloth as a staement in my dark furniture dining room - which colour would look good - I have Imperial blue Denby so the cloth would have to tone.

Sorry for the waffling uncertainty.

7to25 Thu 21-Jul-11 17:05:43

I would be in therapy tring to reconcile that lot!
I think the curtains have to go. I would go with ivory/cream as you could find something to buy or make cheaply
then look for a print in mauve/aubergine/air force blue tones (!) and run up a few cushions to try and tie it all together. A couple of air force blue cushions on the brown leather may make it look like the whole thing was intentional.
For the table cloth......maybe you have enough statements, and stick to white.

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