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What to compromise on when buying a house?

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MatLeaveForever Wed 20-Jul-11 18:57:24

I can't seem to buy a house, it doesn't seem to be a buyers market where I am!
We have buyers for our house and are due to exchange in the next couple of weeks - that took forever for us to accept an offer and we took lower than we paid for the house just so we could move on with our lives. We quickly found another house to buy and was all going well until the seller pulled out the other week due to personal reasons.
We looked at more houses last week, even upped our budget slightly so that we had more properties to look at. We offered on one, our highest offer was 94% of the asking price but they refused, despite it being on the market for 9 months! Don't think they're in a hurry to sell and we would have had to spend some money on the house so couldn't go in any higher, although I did want to live there!
Now I can't find anything else to offer on, everything just seems to have too many compromises. There was another house we liked but the kitchen was quite small, although done up nicely, and I'd much prefer an eat in kitchen as I think it would be more practical (we have an 8 month old daughter). Although it could have been extended it sounds like an expensive project and we wouldn't have the extra money to do it for a few years. We're quite particular about the area we want to live in so don't think we'll compromise on that, but at the same time I want lots of living space and don't want to do too much work to a house.
So we'll likely be having to rent somewhere soon once we've sold, as although we have faimly we can stay with I don't want to do that for too long!
Sorry for the long story - just not sure how to know what to compromise on - I keep thinking that if we make do with a house I'll regret it and a perfect one will appear on the market straight after, but also worried that we'll rent for 6 months and still won't find our dream house! Anyone been in a similar situation, what did you do in the end?

minipie Fri 22-Jul-11 16:22:47

Oh and good luck to MatLeaveForever that her offer is accepted!

MatLeaveForever Fri 22-Jul-11 18:26:14

Thanks minipie - your good luck worked, our offer was accepted late this afternoon! And to top it all off, my buyers will be able to exchange next week but happy to have a delayed completion so looks like we don't have to live with the in laws temporaily! Good start to the weekend grin

You've all really helped me to realise that everyone makes compromises and I've viewed enough houses to know that we have the best one we can afford smile

KristinaM Sat 23-Jul-11 20:36:24

Thanks Mandy

Its a Johnstons acrylic (washable) paint exactly the same colour as f and b light blue. You are right, its like elephants breath in thatit changes totally depending on the light in the room.

Becaroooo Sat 23-Jul-11 21:26:58

I too could have written your post!

We are looking at rental properties on monday as we are supposed to be completing in 3 weeks!

Not sure about it tbh but there is nothing we like that wont bankrupt us sad

Want to take my time and wait for something we both like

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