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Trying to revamp my kitchen... Any Suggestions?

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owlets Wed 20-Jul-11 15:32:58

What is starting to look dated and what is coming in in the world of kitchens?
I hate my kitchen. The living space is open plan, so I can't just shut a door and ignore it. I want to give it a makeover, but its only about a year old so I'd rather work with what Ive already got.
So, the units are shaker style, distressed looking painted wood in a very yellowy shade of cream (which I really dislike). Its finished off with some chinzy handles.
The worktop is thickish oak. Its nice, but I think the colour is slightly too dark, so If i'm being picky I'd quite like it if I can get it paler by sanding it down and using a different finish on it. There are a few burn faint marks on it which it would be good to get rid of too.
The sink is brushed chrome, like a Dublin sink in style.
There are no Splashbacks.
The floor is pale floorboards and the walls are currently white. There are no wall units so its quite a big space of wall (high ceilings)
I've got a cream Smeg fridge/freezer but all the other appliances are built in behind cupboards.

I'm open to all ideas about how I can spruce it up. Something that looks modern, but not just 'do up to sell' if you know what I mean.
Are there any good interior design websites that aren't too show homey?

And if anyone knows anything about repainting kitchen units it would be very handy.

yomellamoHelly Wed 20-Jul-11 18:59:19

If it's open plan what colours/style do you have elsewhere?

7to25 Thu 21-Jul-11 16:52:51

grey units?
Elephant's breath or darker.
Two Colours of grey would look good with the darker one on the lower cabinets and the paler one above.
I know that you have no upper cabinets! Could you add some for a different look?
Glass splash back in a vibrant hue?
Or stainless steel backsplash with graphite cabinets?

owlets Fri 22-Jul-11 08:20:16

I'd been thinking about elephants breath and have just ordered a few greyish f&b samples to try out. I need a colour that will go with the fridge/freezer, but I think eb will.
No room for wall units - kitchen too small and the oven is in the middle so I can't put anything above that, but a shelf might be possible to break the wall.
Are the little brick shaped tiles that look like they are from the tube/ a public toilet on their way out?
I like the coloured glass ones, but they might clash with the style of my units too much.

The rest of the room is currently off White, with a few bright paintings and chairs, chrome lamps, a bashed up dark leather sofa and a similar armchair. I guess it's modern/20th cent design classic rip offs pieces. I've haven't had the flat that long though, so it's not very unified yet. I thought I'd start at the kitchen and work on from there.

7to25 Fri 22-Jul-11 22:09:58

They are called subway or metro tiles.
they would go with your look but the trend seems to be for no or minimalist splash backs.

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