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Which house to rent? WWYD?

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OhWesternWind Wed 20-Jul-11 13:56:45

Help - I am in a housing dilemma! We are moving area into rented accommodation (me and two children age 7 and 10) and there are two possible contenders.

Property 1 is a Victorian end of terrace over three floors, great attic room we could use as playroom, plenty of space inside, separate loo (great plus). It's near town so walkable to the shops, town centre etc and walkable to the children's school (although this isn't the nearest school). The street is a dead end though quite a long street. There is a playing field/playground at the end of the street. Problems are: it would be a car journey to my mum's and to sports centre/swimming pool where I am sure we are going to spend a lot of time hanging out smile. It is an old house so will need a lot of heating as I know from experience. There is no garden but there is a small yard and we are used to a huge garden, but like I said the playing field is nearby. It is in a decent but not brilliant part of town.

Property 2 is a modern (last ten years) semi at the other side of town. It backs on to fields and is a cul de sac so the children could ride their bikes ou etc. It has a garden and is walkable to my mum's and to the sports facilities. It is in a nicer part of town. Problems are: it is about a mile from the children's school so there are unlikely to be schoolfriends nearby and I am worried it will be hard for them to fit in with the local children if they don't know them through school. It is more expensive than the other house but not wildly so (£75 per month but we are on a budget) and bills will likely be cheaper. It is smaller inside and there is no second loo (yikes).

Help please! I am in a real dilemma about what to do. They are both really nice properties but very different and in very different areas. Should I change schools for the children so we are at the local school for property 2? I really do feel the school they are down for now is better but the local school isn't bad, it just isn't as good.

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