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Starting again

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Karbea Tue 19-Jul-11 11:47:11

Dh and I both had places and the plan was to sell both and buy somewhere together - our forever home.

Dh (where we were living) sold, and we completed nearly 4 weeks ago. My flat has been in a position to exchange for over 10 days, the buyer gaffer about, and now the solicitor seems to have Gone to ground.
We agreed a price on the house we want, about 6 weeks ago, and since then hardly anything has progressed, for the last two weeks we've been told daily by the estate agent that our solicitor will be sent the contract.

In think we are going to put my place back on the Market and start looking for a home for us again sad

alliwant Tue 19-Jul-11 12:56:10

Just wanted to sympathise, we are in a similar situation, house has been off the market sale agreed for 2 months and now the bottom of the chain is stuck in saudi with visa problems with no indication of when/if there is an exchange afoot......

So we are taking viewings again, it sucks, back to square one....

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