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Anyone have a log burner in their conservatory?

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oliviasmama Mon 18-Jul-11 22:14:54

Pro's and con's please. Do you love it or was it a bad choice. Am considering it and think it's a brilliant idea but am open to advice. That's it really. Thanks smile

sonearsofar Tue 19-Jul-11 07:11:51

not much use really except to say I'll be watching this with interest. I really wanted one in our conservatory but the builder was so discouraging I gave up the idea. I wish I'd persisted as I still wish I'd had one.

Bunbaker Tue 19-Jul-11 07:15:13

Are you proposing to have a chimney/flu to outside? If not I wouldn't do it.

oliviasmama Tue 19-Jul-11 23:07:50

Yes BB, been to talk to builders and stove / burner guy today and we're going to take the flue through the one solid wall of the conservatory. Both of them have experience of installing log burners in conservatories and it seems Sonear that you could have done with these guys as they are really enthusiastic about it....I did expect rhem to "oooh" and "aaah" whilst rubbing their cins but hey presto, no they're really up for it. They both said how well the ones had worked that they had installed so far (5).

My conservatory is an extension of the kitchen with no doors separating the two so I was very aware that I needed to make it warm in the winter. Fire and big radiator.

Is it too late to have one installed Sonear?

oliviasmama Tue 19-Jul-11 23:08:18

"cins" grin ooops chins

TheMitfordsMaid Tue 19-Jul-11 23:12:32

We want to do this when our children are a little older.

oliviasmama Tue 19-Jul-11 23:23:37

I'm excited about it TMM and also the perfect solution to me worrying about it being cold in the winter. The builder who is doing the conservatory put one in his last Autumn and is thrilled to bits with it. Said it worked a treat last winter (minus 18 in his back garden and was snug as a bug in the conservatory with fire buring logs).

sonearsofar Wed 20-Jul-11 07:50:34

Unfortunately I think it is too late, but glad for you that you've got you've got supportive builders. Whenever I've suggested slightly unusual stuff to builders I've had they've done that rubbing of the chin thing. Not useful.
You'll definately need it as well. Our conservatory goes off the kitchen with no doors and is wonderful for 8 months of the year and freezing for the remainder (and makes the kitchen really cold as well)

oliviasmama Wed 20-Jul-11 18:57:12

that was my fear sonear, I had a really cold house, it really was miserably cold and have recently moved to a great house with a more than adequate central heating system, tons of insulation and super windows, it's cosy so I dont want to ruin things.

I think I'd better stack the log pile high.

just smiling about the rubbing of the chin thing grin

issynoko Wed 20-Jul-11 19:07:18

We are thinking of this too - will watch.

sonearsofar Fri 22-Jul-11 07:30:55

to combat the cold we shut the door from the kitchen into the hall, draw a curtain over it, then shut the door into the living room. Like an airlock system really. What really bothers me, and we hadn't anticipated, is that the kitchen is freezing and there is no wall space to put in a radiator.
As I said, though, for 2/3 of the year it's lovely.

teta Fri 22-Jul-11 11:01:24

My dh wanted to do this,but there was no obvious wall for the log burner and we didn't know how we were going to use the space.We ended up with underfloor heating instead with travertine tiles.I think if the room is going to be a seating area it will work well but not so much in a kitchen dining extension [which is what we have] unless there is plenty of space.

starryeyedsarah Fri 22-Jul-11 11:59:32

We have this wood burning stove in our conservatory and they didn't even bat an eye when we said we wanted it. It's quite a big conservatory and we got it fitted when it was installed. They've attached it on to the normal chimney as well smile No problems and I love it!

oliviasmama Sat 23-Jul-11 02:35:14

teta - the conservatory is really very spacious so it wouldn't be in the way, there is a good large corner that will accomodate it nicely. We've thought about the under floor heating as my sister in law has it and it works a treat but I really fancy a log burner.

starry - thanks for that info, your burner is virtually identical to the one I have chosen but a hundred quid cheaper (!!) so will make investigations about buying yours. good to know it works well, I'm really looking forward to it as well as keeping our lovely warm new house lovely and warm....<shudders remembering old freezing cold house>

thanks everyone, great advice! grin

Karstan Sat 23-Jul-11 11:35:32

Oliviasmama we've seen a few houses with great kitchen/conservatory rooms for sale and it looks ace but none of them have actually met building regs so I imagine the heating bills would be huge. I'd be interested to know if it can be done and meet building regs as well?

oliviasmama Sat 23-Jul-11 23:17:14

have been advised by planning dept and building regs that all is ok with our plans so far but am referring it back to building regs once final planning consent is given. will update you.

Chaard Sun 29-Dec-13 11:20:59


Just found this thread via google! What was the outcome in the end?

I'm planning on doing the exact same thing in my kitchen

agwa Fri 17-Jan-14 13:33:59

Hi, don't know if anyone is still thinking about this but i found a really good article about it on a website and i rang them and they were brilliant!

Ours was installed just before christmas and since then we live in our conservatory smile

fussychica Fri 17-Jan-14 17:48:10

Sounds brill and v interesting article. Unfortunately we have no solid walls (only dwarf ones) in the conservatory so not sure where to site it, though I can see it could be done.

agwa Sat 18-Jan-14 10:25:36

Ours was the same fussychica - we have dwarf wall too and it doesn't matter. The stove just stands next to it and the flue goes straight up through the roof, so it doesn't matter if you have a wall at all. smile

welshman2012 Mon 02-Jun-14 10:28:34

I bought a kit for this. Stove and the parts I needed and the company even supplied a new glass panel with the hole cut out for the flue to pass through the roof. We didn't fit it ourselves but had a local builder fit the kit for us and had building control sign it off. The kit is listed here

The stove is beautiful and thrown out loads of heat. We often have the doors open through the house and don't need the central heating on. It took a few hours to install and we wish we had done it years ago as our conservatory was really cold in the winter.

1kathy1 Mon 12-Jan-15 18:19:32

Hi I'm new on here. I was reading a thing on wood burners in conservatory's do you need an planning regs or other council passes. Also does anyone have one already fitted, what do you think of it . thanks x

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