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Its the LOFT again! but this time an electrics/sub-contractor question...

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Pavlovthecat Mon 18-Jul-11 19:35:43

is electrics work guaranteed for a set period of time? is it only a year?

As part of the loft conversion that I had done (which went wrong, looooong story) the person (shan't call him a builder) who we hired to complete our loft sub-contracted an electrician to complete the electrical work on loft. This included a new box (whatever that fuse box thing is called). He was niceic approved and we have proper part p certs for work completed.

work was completed and certs given 20 months ago. the lights have stopped working completely and we need it checked.

We want to know if we can expect that electrician to come out to look at them, is the work still guaranteed as he was niceic approved or will we have to fork out to get this looked at off our own back now?

GnomeDePlume Mon 18-Jul-11 22:54:08

I have asked DH (a Part P electrician). He said:

1 - this is probably just a loose connection somewhere (eg at a light switch). It is unlikely that the whole system has failed.
2 - contact NICEIC and discuss with them to find out if you can demand he comes back.
3 - if this were my DH then he would come back and if there was no evidence that something had been done since his work then he would sort the problem himself without charging (though £20 for his fuel would be appreciated). This is why my DH is never going to get rich as an electrician.

This is more a consumer rights question than an electrical question.

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