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Eeeek! Plant growing out our lounge skirting board!

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Bronte Mon 18-Jul-11 10:43:48

We think it might be a shoot from the lilac tree in the front garden having matched up the leaves. Think we'll have to poison it off? Anyone else been invaded by outdoor plants. Just hope a bloody tree root doesn't thrust itself up through the floor!

ElbowFan Mon 18-Jul-11 19:19:39

Might be worth getting someone, maybe a buildings surveyor (?) round to check. If it's come through the wall it might indicate damp or something as roots usually go towards water, shoots towards light.
If it is a root it may have done something nasty to your Damp Proof Course - I'm no expert, but I think I'd try to find someone who is if I were you.

Mammonite Mon 18-Jul-11 23:05:17

It's not Japanese Knotweed is it, the leaves are very similar to lilac? It has distinctive red stems. Worth getting it checked out - council? I'm sure I went to a talk once that showed a photo of a plant growing out of a skirting board, and IIRC it was JK. But I very much hope you haven't got that, if there was knotweed around your area you'd know about it because it's very invasive.

I will stop googling "plant growing indoors" as that's coming up with a completely different kind of plant!!!

Mammonite Mon 18-Jul-11 23:08:53

here just so you can eliminate it I hope. but if you have got it do not try to fix yourself, get a professional, it is the asbestos of the plant world!

Bronte Tue 19-Jul-11 13:33:52

Thanks for the advice. Will seek professional help.

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