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Registering an interest in a property?

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HarrietJones Thu 14-Jul-11 16:18:28

does that mean the EA will let you know of any offers? My parents registered an interest & just tried to put an offer in to be told someone had placed an offer. Dad asked how much to be told 'we don't give out that info' parents were willing to go up to asking price so potentially could have outbid but now don't have the option.

Just wondering how normal that is?

LIZS Thu 14-Jul-11 16:24:05

In England ? Sorry but registering an interest in itself doesn't really mean very much. EAs are required to pass on any offers to a vendor but not to tell prospective buyers what has already been accepted. If vendor chooses, and they have not yet reached the point of exchanging contracts, they could pull out of the other offer or ask for sealed bids instead. Are your parents in a proceedable position (ie have sold, in rented or cash buyers) ?

nocake Thu 14-Jul-11 16:29:29

I assume you're in England as the system is different in Scotland? The EA has no obligation to you whatsoever so whatever you ask them to do they are not obliged to let you know about other offers. However, if the EA has ignored a potential buyer then they're not doing their job and the venodr may be interested to know. I've recommend putting a letter through their door.

HarrietJones Thu 14-Jul-11 16:39:57

Cash buyer. So very easy sale. Seller hasn't responded to the other offer yet.So not at a sale going through point or anything.

Nocake- yes I was thinking the EA are possibly losing a better sale. My parents are v glad they didnt sell through this one they've been awful to try & buy from. Another property they were interested in the EA told them of all other offers ( lots of outbidding went on)

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