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washing machine in bathroom / rant about our vendors

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microserf Wed 13-Jul-11 21:54:10

i know there's lots of stuff about this in the relevant codes, and it's not usually up to code to do this.

our charming vendors twats that they are deigned to leave their washing machine to us in the contract. that was nice of them, as they took most of the stuff they contractually agreed to sell to us with them anyway.

of course, the reason they left it is that it's actually fucked, as we discovered the first time we used it.

it's in the bathroom, and we need to get a new one to replace it, and so the whole issue of codes etc has come up. does anyone have techie knowledge of the exact code requirements for the electrics or knows where i can find the requirements? our bathroom is reasonably spacious, so we may meet the relevant requirements.

will take my mind off discovering that our neighbouring flat has a open sewer running outside my son's room, as our charming vendors were also unable to cap off a toilet pipe... BOAK. plumber coming over very soon.

MissMarjoribanks Wed 13-Jul-11 21:59:36

You have my sympathies. We were left a broken dishwasher along with a load of other crap by our vendors.

Building Regs Codes approved documents are here:

nocake Thu 14-Jul-11 12:10:34

I started writing a reply detailing what electrical equipment can be used where but instead have a look at this website.

JumpJockey Thu 14-Jul-11 14:26:04

Our washing machine is in the bathroom, when the old one (left in very similar circs) broke down all sorts of people told me I couldn't replace it. Phoned a couple of different suppliers, one guy spent several hours on the phone to different plumbers, and then gave me detailed instructions on how to measure up and said that as long as the thing is hardwired in and the on/off switch is in a different room, and the hardwire socket is a certain distance away from the nearest tap, it's fine.

So basically you should be ok, as long as you're not trying to plug it into a socket in the bathroom. Our bathroom not in the least bit spacious, the previous twits owners put in the machine then built the bath enclosure around it, and added a basin so close that we had to remove the pedestal to get the old knackered machine out and the new one in. I love Barnaby Partridge at the Appliance Warehouse online, he saved us from a lifetime at the laundrette. grin

microserf Thu 14-Jul-11 21:55:37

thanks, this is exactly the info i needed! i will be calling the electrician to come and check out our circuits. looks like our vendors were at least half way there, and we would meet the space requirements, so that would be great.

microserf Thu 14-Jul-11 21:56:14

ps... will be looking into Appliance Warehouse, thanks for the tip!

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