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livinginaparadise Wed 13-Jul-11 09:16:41

My father-in-law did some DIY work(painting&decorations) for our home for a few days and my husband gave him 210 pounds for 3 days work. Is it common to pay them like this if your family help with your DIY?

northerngirl41 Wed 13-Jul-11 11:08:13

Depends - did that include materials? If so, yes totally reasonable - he shouldn't be out of pocket for doing you a favour. Likewise if he'd turned down other work or incurred other expenses.

My FIL on the other hand costs us money every time he tries to "help". I have resigned myself to the fact that he likes helping and it gives him something to do on the proviso that DH pays for all cleaning, repairs and re-doing of the jobs once he is finished and that he only works whilst I'm here so that nothing irreversable gets done. It is an uttterly stupid situation but an uneasy compromise!!!

Just think yourself lucky you have a competant DIYer in the family!

livinginaparadise Wed 13-Jul-11 12:32:19

Well materials are not included. He did DIY work when my sister-in-law's family moved into a new place recently and fitted the kitchen when my husband bought a flat when he was single. He is not a professional DIY but he seems doing ok. My husband said he is happy to give his dad work that his dad can do rather than hiring a professional painter's decorators.

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