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Help to choose a paint colour

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Mumswang Tue 12-Jul-11 19:33:06

i had thought that we would paint our bedroom in farrow and ball's blue grey or oval room blue

But I've just fallen in love with this fabric I'm not sure it will go

Can anyone with a better eye for colour than I have suggest somthing that will go with curtains made of this, but preferably still along the blue greyish line

The room is south facing with a big window


7to25 Tue 12-Jul-11 20:58:07

I have looked at the fabric and tbh would wait till it arrived before making choices. certainly, oval room blue does not seem to go on the evidennce of the photo.

Mumswang Tue 12-Jul-11 21:17:20

No. I fear you are right 7to25. I will have to wait till I get my mitts on it before deciding, but it's thrown my shades of blue and grey oasis plans inuo disarray

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