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House move paperwork: I am literally hiding under the desk from it... is this normal?

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mrszimmerman Tue 12-Jul-11 15:20:50

Please send me some courage, I'm so scared of the bits with the thousands of pounds written on them.....

lalalonglegs Tue 12-Jul-11 16:44:45

Just did mine (or the first 56 pages of it) over the weekend. Looks worse than it is - most of it is ticking boxes. Lots of things that it asks for certificates for have a "To follow" option so you don't have to have everything to hand immediately.

Just do it - it feels very good to hand it over, it only takes half an hour or so.

mrszimmerman Wed 13-Jul-11 14:53:56

thanks lala...... I'm going to try again...

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