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Remortgaging-can you do it without massive fees!?

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Teachermumof3 Tue 12-Jul-11 14:22:11

I'm sure the arrangement fees last time we did this were about £95 and now they all seem to be £999!

I want to remortgage the £100000 left on our mortgage. Our house is worth about £270k and we want to do it over 15 years. Where can I find a 5 year fixed rate mortgage without enormous fees, without signing up to be phoned at inconvenient times by people! I want to do it online!!

catpark Tue 12-Jul-11 16:33:53

I know nationwide and halifax have no fee mortgages, thought most companies did ? They charge a higher % than the fee paying mortgages though. Some companies will add the fees to your mortgage as well.

lalalonglegs Tue 12-Jul-11 16:40:30

Yes, get in touch with a brokers. (I would recommend London & Country.)

daimbardiva Tue 12-Jul-11 16:41:11

Have you looked at ING? WE've recently remortgaged with them, and although there was a fee, it's been added to the mortgage, and the overall rate was good (fixed for 5 years).

Itsjustafleshwound Tue 12-Jul-11 16:48:04

But doesn't the broker get a 'finder's fee' or some sort of payment for recommending certain mortgage packages - it might be free of charge but it certainly isn't exactly impartial

lalalonglegs Tue 12-Jul-11 17:05:09

Yes, they do get a fee if you sign up for a mortgage they recommend but that's explained at the beginning of the process and it's made clear that they can only deal with mortgage providers that will pay their fees. That's still thousands and thousands of mortgages, far more than I could research. I don't know many people who have (or would have) found a better deal going it alone.

There are some IFAs that you can pay to do the job for you - but since the OP wants to avoid fees, that would seem a bit counter-productive.

TobyLerone Tue 12-Jul-11 17:06:23

I think Nationwide have free ones if you're borrowing over £25k on certain deals.

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