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Countdown to move - lightening the load

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maggiethecat Mon 11-Jul-11 06:56:54

Saw Becaroos thread and like her we are moving in 3 weeks - some useful tips there.

We are going with removal company, from England to Edinburgh, and they will pack and unpack us.

We've already done some clearing out and now need to get on with packing.
I would like to start sorting out clothing and think that, altho we're paying movers to pack, while I'm going through stuff I may as well be packing stuff. Does this make sense?

Also, as we've not had packers before, do they pack/label in such a way to make things easily found at the other end or do they just pack, and for eg label box 'kitchen' for any kitchen equipment?

7to25 Mon 11-Jul-11 18:11:26

They usually just label boxes with things like "kitchen odds" and such like but they are pretty good about organizing an "essentials" box with the kettle and tea bags in it!

maggiethecat Mon 11-Jul-11 21:35:26

That's useful. Remember when we moved to this house, searching for the rice for half an hour, with a bawling baby. Makes me want to bawl just remembering it.

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