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Are integrated blinds essential on bifold doors?

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raisinbran Tue 05-Jul-11 15:45:02

My builders are moving on faster than expected with my kitchen alterations .I need to order my bifold doors asap as there is a 4 week wait for delivery, however it will be nearly 6 weeks if I opt for integrated blinds. It is also £900 more. The builders will make a temporary frame to secure the house whilst waiting but not sure of additional cost.

Its a south facing garden but not really over looked. Would it be worth waiting longer for the integrated blinds . All opinions welcome.

MrsSharp Tue 05-Jul-11 16:57:37

Think it depends on the length of the bi-fold doors, and if you are going to want blinds in the future. We've just had our new kitchen windows measured for blinds, and we have a bi-fold door too. We're not getting any blinds for the door as we're not overlooked. But the lady said that she'd been to a lady earlier in the day who had a 5mt bi-fold door and wanted blinds, but there was no way they could do it as they couldn't guarantee the wooden 'sticks' (or whatever you call them!) in the blinds wouldn't bow in the middle.

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