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polished wood floors

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microserf Mon 04-Jul-11 21:34:50

we've just bought a ground floor flat. the upstairs neighbours were over, and casually mentioned they are thinking of polishing the floors in their flat.

argh! we had specifically checked this point before we bought and it's clear in the lease of each flat we have to have noise reducing floor coverings (well actually not ours as we are the ground floor). i really want to be neighbourly but this is the one thing i'd die in a ditch over.

i was a bit unnerved actually, and tried to mention the lease, and it didn't seem to go over too well. any advice for how to casually and in a friendly manner make it clear it's not permitted and we'd never agree to it? it's very important to us to get on with my neighbours and they seem very nice.

Grockle Mon 04-Jul-11 21:38:29

Can't you just say you thought it said in the lease that they had to have noise-reducing floor coverings?

When I moved here, I mentioned to my neighbour that I was getting some chickens and she said she thought it said in the deeds that we couldn't have them... (mine don't say that so I'm ok)

echt Mon 04-Jul-11 22:50:15

Just drop round a note if you can't bear to speak to them, saying you thought you might have made mistake, but checked the lease and, oh, here's a copy.

Didn't like to think of you spending money on new flooring..

Kind of thing.

And keep a copy.grin

microserf Tue 05-Jul-11 14:35:53

hmm, have to approach this carefully - the thought of their new tenants clattering around on newly polished floors is keeping me awake at night!

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