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Glossy Tiles - two toddlers - would you??

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jasminder1 Mon 04-Jul-11 16:29:44

Hi, I'm after some advice, we're buying a new build and have to decide on the downstairs flooring. So far we've opted for carpet in the living room + study and high gloss tiles for kitchen, dining room and downstairs loo but we're stuck on the hallway. The sales lady has informed us that two other new owners are tiling their hallway with the same tiles as their kitchen etc - I love this idea, visually I think it will look stunning but my husband is in too minds. We have two toddlers a 3 yr old DS and 2 yr old DD - how safe are these polished tiles when wet? and do they scratch/mark easily??, we have tiles in our hallway now (not polished) which can get slippy if water is spilt on them so I'm concerned about coming in from the rain, spilt drinks etc. I don't fancy carpet (light in colour being fitted) as this will just get thrashed and as for wooden floors, my friends with children who have them all seemed scratched to bits. What would you do or do you have polished tiles and they are OK?

noddyholder Mon 04-Jul-11 16:32:24

I think the tiles would be fine. Before you know it they will be 7 and 8 and a lot less clumsy!I have always had tiles and never had an accident of any sort Ds or crockery etc!You can always put down a rug until they are older if you are worried. I think 3 types of flooring would look less effective visually unless the colours are very close

queenmaeve Mon 04-Jul-11 23:56:21

I have glossy tiles in all of downstairs bar two rooms. I have 5 dc from 18mths to 9. I find them so practical, really easy to keep clean and they just run about in bare feet most of the time as socks can be slippy. Great job. Mine are grey with flecks and the hall ones are black and cream. The cream and black show dirt up more than the grey.

jasminder1 Tue 05-Jul-11 16:54:44

Hi ,thanks for your replies, I'm definately going for the tiles now!

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