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Decorating hall/stairs/landing - kidproof recommendations!

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Mandy21 Sun 03-Jul-11 23:07:06

We're about to remove the horrendous blown vinyl type wallpaper that covers the hall, stairs and landing and will probably line the walls and then paint.

The house is a typical 1930s semi - quite a narrow hallway with the stairs leading up on one side, a little turn part way up and then the landing. Fortunately its quite light but we're thinking quite a light colour anyway (something like F&B Carnforth White or Pavilion Gray). We've already replaced the floor - thats solid bamboo (polished) and we have white paintwork (and will be painting the bannister white too).

Question really is how to kid proof it? It gets quite alot thrown at all (literally sometimes!) with three children - grubby hands, marks from shoes, bags etc. I've not been overly impressed with the durability of the F&B paint we have in my DD's room (also very light - Middleton pink) so am thinking about colour matching the paint. Would I be disappointed with a colour matched Dulux finish?

Can anyone recommend any brands? I have heard good things about the Little Greene Pain Company and their washable paint but its really expensive especially to do all the stairs hall and landing.

Any comments?


coansha Mon 04-Jul-11 00:48:36

I used Dulux wash & wear in my hall & kitchen and same as you bags, shoes, dogs, fishing rods etc, wipes down great and is a pale putty/grey colour with white woodwork, really lovely and fresh. Very pleased with product and would recommend and use again and again....

fresh Mon 04-Jul-11 09:46:14

The Little Greene Ultimatt is fantastic, and for a 5 litre tin is cheaper than F&B Estate Emulsion (and no, I don't work for LG!). It's £9 more expensive than 5 litres of Dulux Endurance (£22.98 for 2.5 ltr in B&Q). If you need, say 20 litres, that's £36 more for Ultimatt for the whole job. I haven't tried scrubbing Dulux Endurance, but you can do that with Ultimatt and it doesn't leave a shiny patch. We used it up the stairs and all through the main living/dining/kitchen and it's great.

Mandy21 Mon 04-Jul-11 23:00:23

Thanks for your replies - will get looking! Thanks

Mandy21 Tue 05-Jul-11 14:04:43

fresh can you tell me where you'd buy Little Greene Paint from at the prices you're talking about? On their website, 5L is £55, Dulux endurance (5L) is £34.98 so if we used 20L, thats a difference of about £80. Wondered if you knew of another website that sold it cheaper??

Many thanks

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