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problem with BT about my land line

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sonearsofar Sat 02-Jul-11 12:33:21

When I came back from my holiday, my landline was dead. I tried using a different phone, but with the same result. The fault was logged with BT on Wednesday, and on the BT website it says that Openreach are having a look at it, it should have been fixed within 3 working days, and I would be contacted about this.
When I've gone back to email BT to ask what's happening, the form that comes up on screen requests my email address, which I put in (twice). When I try and submit the form, an error message comes up asking for my 'primary email address'. There seems to be no way that I can communicate via email without using this form. I could ring them on my mobile but reception here is very poor, and I've found the Indian based call centres that they use very annoying, so would rather not go there.
Has anyone had this, and is there another way of emailing BT?

plupervert Mon 04-Jul-11 09:12:37

Could you go to a friend's house, or use an office land line?

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