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Chain going down the swanee.....wwyd???

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Becaroooo Wed 29-Jun-11 18:03:35

Ok, so.

Am supposed to be moving in 5 weeks.

Not a large chain (only 4 couples) and it was all looking so good.......

Today I got a very upset phonecall from a member of the chain to tell me the top of the chain is now saying if we dont complete next friday he is pulling out!!!! We cant move next friday!!

Spoke to our mortgage people today just to check our end is all going along ok and was told that yes they have had the valuation survey but its flagged a few things and it has to be sent to their underwriters.....a stud wall needs replacing, flashings need doing, some pointing and there is a mysterious leak in the bathroom etc.

We are due to get our copy of the Homebuyers Report tomorrow via e mail and I am now dreading it.......I have a feeling there is going to be so mcuh needs doing we will have to pull out - the vendors cannot reduce their price anymore (tbh even if they did I dont want loads of work to do) and we risk losing our no chain cash buyer!!!!


I would quite happily sell and rent for 6/12 months or so dh is dead against it. There are also 2-3 other houses I like the look of but dh is very difficult to please and I dont think we could complete on another house in 4 weeks sad

Anyone had experience of this???

SparklePrincess Wed 29-Jun-11 18:37:45

I doubt they will really pull out. Im sure its just scare tactics to get things moving. Sounds like your own purchase is still v early stages regardless. It generally takes 3 to 4 months from offer to completion. Looks like you may have to seriously consider renting.

Becaroooo Wed 29-Jun-11 18:38:42

sigh. yes. you are right. I know you are. dh is so inflexible it drives me mad!

SparklePrincess Wed 29-Jun-11 18:50:52

Sounds like my ex dh. He wasted so many peoples times by refusing to be flexible on his idea of what we should get for our money. He couldnt grasp the fact that if you buy a house in a nicer area with better schools youre going to pay a lot more for a smaller house than we had. sad It took 6 years to persuade him to move to where we currently live. Three of those were spent as virtual prisoners in our own home while he hand built (brick by brick) a large 2 storey extension on the house I didnt want to live in. We never used the extension, made a loss on its costs & split up less than 2 years after the move & we all had to move again to much smaller houses. sad

Happily im now relocating again (hopefully) with a new lovely man smile

Fingers crossed all goes ok for you. smile

Becaroooo Wed 29-Jun-11 19:46:21


We are moving to a much more desirable location and dh just CANNOT accept we will not get the same house as we have now (bearing in mind we have extended this house!)

I will consider ANYTHING - bungelow, period house, new build, dont care as long as I can make a nice home for us its unimportant to me.

Dh does not really want to move - I have wanted to for 5 years but there you go! - and I do wonder if him being so difficult is his way of not moving??? i.e. wear me down and he gets his way (its worked for the past 5 years!!)

I wonder what the quickest time scale is to complete if we need to find a new house????

SparklePrincess Wed 29-Jun-11 20:48:57

Sure youre not married to my ex? LOL! I was prepared to look at anything too, it was location for good schools & better quality of life for the kids I was interested in, nothing else. The ex is so selfish, he could not see this.

Are you sure you want to be with this person if he is so inflexible & selfish?

Technically you should be able to push things through in 6 to 8 weeks or quicker if there is no chain, in practise it never works out that way. Ive been involved in buying & selling 5 properties over the last 13 years. The quickest transaction was 3 months where we exchanged & completed on the same day. That was when HIP's were in use. Every other one took 4 months. sad

Becaroooo Thu 30-Jun-11 07:38:03

oh drat sad

Dh has - how can I put it? - issues with change! smile

SparklePrincess Thu 30-Jun-11 18:30:38

So do my kids. They're dead against moving again. Cant say I blame them really, it will be our third move in 5 years! Im not exactly enjoying the whole ordeal again myself. sad

Becaroooo Thu 30-Jun-11 18:33:52

3rd in 5 years??????? <<faints>>

I have just posted another thread.....please read and advise!!!!!

SparklePrincess Thu 30-Jun-11 18:50:06

It wasnt meant to be like that. Moved with my ex h, he got bored after 18 months so we had to sell up & move, im now moving to a new place with my partner of 3 years. smile

Ive lived in over 20 places in my lifetime. Ive had enough now, want to put down roots & settle...

Becaroooo Thu 30-Jun-11 19:25:28

Wow! 20???

This is the 2nd house I have lived parents house for 26 years and this one for 12!!

How on earth did you manage the stress???????/

SparklePrincess Thu 30-Jun-11 22:43:01

Its a bloody nightmare!! LOL! This will be my 10th property transaction in 13 years, the rest were rentals & 4 houses I lived in with my parents.

The funny thing is my DP has lived in one house his entire life & never even lived with a girl, let alone been married, so we are at completely opposite ends of the scale in terms of life experience. We work well together, hopefully this will be a final move for us all for some years to come. smile

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