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URGH I have a bad feeling about this

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TheOriginalNutcracker Tue 28-Jun-11 13:02:08

I am supposed to be doing a house swap (housing association tennant) and I have a feeling it is all about to go to pot.

Everything was fine at first although the woman took a long to make her mind up, but once she had she was very enthusiastic. There has been lots of txts back and forth letting each other know whats going on and we have both now had our properties inspected.

The hold up is that her ex's name is still on her tennancy agreement and she needs to get it off before the swap can take place. I assured her that if it meant a longer wait then that was fine as I really wanted her house. At this point she seemed very apologetic and said she'd sort it asap. Then she txt and said she had an appointment on monday (yesterday) with a solicitor.

I heard nothing yesterday so I txt her today and she said she'd not had chance to go yet, and that it was a drop in thing, not an appointment.
I said ok, no problem as long as you are still wanting the swap to go ahead ??

Have heard nothing since.

I cannot explain how gutted I will be (and dd) if she pulls out now.

KatyMac Tue 28-Jun-11 22:02:08

Oh poor you

How frustrating - can the HA help/give advise?

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