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Buying New or Older than 10 years in Norwich Area

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Gonzo33 Sun 26-Jun-11 11:06:58

After much soul searching we have decided that we are going to buy our "forever home" in the Attleborough or Costessey area of Norwich mainly because of location, cost and work. Now, here comes the sticking point. Hubby loves new build houses (although has never bought a house) and I love old houses (I have owned 3-None new build).

Using my head instead of my heart I would say that a new build would, at least initially, be cheaper to maintain. Will have better insulation, thus making heating cheaper etc etc. It would also be a blank canvas in relation to decor, so we wouldn't have any stripping of wallpaper, or new bathrooms and kitchens to put in or anything else like that. My main problem with it is how wrong I know that these new builds can go and how much of a nightmare certain builders can be when it comes to getting things repaired. Can you give me your experience of New Builds please and companies? Bloor, Taylor Wimpey and Norfolk Homes are the main builders in the area.


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