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continuous delays in exchange - should I fear the worst?

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alliwant Fri 24-Jun-11 18:03:58

We have been ready to exchange for 2 weeks and are prepared to go into rented if our house falls through. The ftb at the bottom of the chain (chain of 3, them, our buyers, us) have been pushing and pushing for an early exchange (early June). Now all these issues have come up, some certificate that only costs £45 confused, fixtures and fittings etc. I was told yesterday we were already to go, but today our buyers solicitors have not got back in touch with our solicitor or our EA.

I am 33 weeks pregnant and getting worried now and completely fucked off with the whole process. We have to move as we are relocating and my DH is due to start a new job in Sept. I am beginning to think that we should put it back on the market if they are not prepared to pull their finger out. Should I give them to the end of Monday and then if they are still not ready put it back on the market?

Anyone else been through this and did it turn out ok or were the delays just signs of bigger issues? If they have no intention of exchanging they are just being so unfair to us as a family. If they pull out, we will have to pull out of our house we are buying as I just can't stand the stress of trying to join up another chain, and we will just go into rented.

Any advice welcome..... sad

lalalonglegs Fri 24-Jun-11 20:19:19

I wrote a long answer about this but it doesn't seem to have appeared. Basics were, pay the #45 certificate yourself and then give them an ultimatum. No point remarketing and losing a sale that could still go through (probably will, imo) but you could ask your EA to set up some viewings discreetly if they are dragging their feet in a few days' time.

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