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Fitted wardrobes. What are the options and likely costs?

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Pernickety Fri 24-Jun-11 16:05:54

If the sale goes through on the house we're buying, we'll need to think about fitting some wardrobes in the main bedroom. This is new territory to me.

How versatile is the DIY stuff? Can you make it fit to the ceiling? What sort of cost would we be looking at for a triple sized wardrobe?

We'd prefer proper wood doors. Would that entail getting a carpenter in? Do they then do it all? What sort of cost is that?

Thank you!

Snowstorm Sat 25-Jun-11 21:40:16

I'm in SW London - our joiner built our wardrobes off-site and then fitted them to our not very straight walls - did a fantastic job. We had double rails fitted in each of them in order to maximise hanging space (I don't own many dresses so not having the long hanging space wasn't a problem). We paid around £1,100 for each one of them I think but they look great, they're compatible with the period of the house and they fit in either side of the chimney breast and so there was never a doubt that we might have put them in the wrong place or wanted to change the bedroom around, if you see what I mean. Expensive but worth it.

queenmaeve Mon 27-Jun-11 16:59:12

I had sliderobes in my last house which were very overpriced. In this house all the rooms have built in wardrobes and we just bought the conti board (chipboard with white melamine finish), rails and screws and got a local guy in to fit them all. They have walnut double doors the same as the bedroom door. Your joiner can build a frame with the doors in and then use plasterboard to fit it up to the ceiling. Ours cost about £200 each for the wardrobe not including the outside doors.

Pernickety Wed 29-Jun-11 07:57:50

Thanks for your responses. Anymore?

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