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RAL colours - anyone have a chart and can tell me which oranges are most subdued?

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oricella Wed 22-Jun-11 07:48:28

Need to choose our door colour today, but don't have a printed colour chart and screen colours are all over the place. We're thinking of an orange door - it's for a new build, modern variation on a highlands long house (lots of glazing which will be alu-coated in azure blue (5009); larch cladding & off white render). The door is facing sideways (south west, in larch clad side) and not very visible from the road, so we feel a bit daring

If anyone is around with a chart, can you let me know which ones out of the following are most subdued: red-orange (2001) is most likely I think; on the windows website I also like 2010, but the name of signal orange makes me a bit cautious. On the other end of the spectrum is 8023 orange brown, but am worried that will come over a bit flesh toned

Any ideas and suggestions appreciated (and we are trying to locate a proper chart as it is a big choice)

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