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Unwanted items in an unfurnished rental.

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DisparityCausesInstability Wed 22-Jun-11 07:43:31

We moved in a month a go and there is a mass of stuff we didn't expect in an unfurnished flat, electrical items like kettles, toasters, irons - others like bins, brushes etc. It's not a bonus - we have all these items and the storage in the flat in almost non existent - we are tripping over ourselves and we need the space.

I believe to rent electrical equipment in a flat you need a safety cert - this does not exist. We have contacted the managing agents to try and determine who owns the stuff - previous tenant or landlord - if landlord, they should get the electric stuff tested surely? But the landlord has not responded.

Bottom line in I want to get rid of the stuff but but I am getting nowhere fast. Am I being unreasonble? Any advice on what to do next?

wordsonapage Wed 22-Jun-11 07:48:59

Its up to the managing agents to contact the LL, just give them notice that if its not collected (within a reasonable time frame) that you'll be dropping it off at the charity shop.

(am a LL and I left a few cleaning items under the sink with a note saying ditch if unwanted)

wordsonapage Wed 22-Jun-11 07:50:55

re electrical items I think you're right
(ours has a gas safety cert and IIRC the oven and heating was services/checked)

mandoo Wed 22-Jun-11 07:56:11

Yes I am a landlord and you do need safety certificate for you electrical goods. You should also have one for you boiler, so make sure that this is sorted out too as this is most important for you safety.

I would call the letting agent and tell them that if the situation is not sorted within the week then you will be boxing and dropping the items round to the office for them to deal with. Don't give them to charity as you will be liable for the bill if and when you move out if theses items were on you itinerary.

tyler80 Wed 22-Jun-11 08:03:08

Are they listed in your inventory?

wordsonapage Wed 22-Jun-11 08:06:05

Mandoo I'm assuming you mean inventory?
Actually thinking about this some more the letting agents should pick up the unwanted stuff

They have to earn their 8% somehow wink

superdollyfragilistic Wed 22-Jun-11 12:44:03

It is not compulsory for a LL to have a PAT (portable appliance test) for a rental property. It will be but is not yet.
The items will be on the inventory, and if they are not there thay will charge you from your deposit when you leave.
This sort of thing should be established before you move in,and is not the letting agents responsibilty. They may be helpful, but can you not just contact the LL and ask nicely if they can be removed and the inventory amended?

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