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Tips for packing up the house

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TheOriginalNutcracker Tue 21-Jun-11 11:14:16

I'm doing a house exchange, and although we've not been given a date for the swap yet, everything is pretty much in place so it should only be a few weeks at the most.

I have moved before, but it's always been a chuck things in whatever bags and boxes we could find thing. This time I have proper boxes and bubble wrap and paper etc and yet I am confused lol.

Have got 3 different sized boxes, but what do I put in the really large ones ? Surely nothing too heavy ??

At the moment i only need to pac stuff like ornaments and pictures, but when do i start to pack stuff like dvds, cds etc.

I am sure i am being a bit dense, but i thought someone on here might have a foolproof way of doing it.

HappyAsIAm Tue 21-Jun-11 11:28:23

I would think room by room (so have boxes for only main bedroom things, only study things etc) and then think by weight. I have always tried to keep all the boxes of a pretty even weight.

When I am unpacking, I like to have things like DVDs in only one box, I don't like them to be spread over lots of boxes as then it wastes time at the other end when you think you've done all the DVDs only to find more!

I put things like duvets, towels, toys, cushions etc in the really big boxes.

Keep whatever you will need for your first night and following morning to hand too!

vintageteacups Tue 21-Jun-11 14:04:06

* Use things like bins/laundry baskets etc to store towels/books/toys etc.

* Rather than bubbling hanging wall pictures, bubble and then slip into an unmade box that fits them (like a sleeve) and then tape around edges. Much more secure than moving about in a box and risks corners getting doofed.

* Buy removal guys lunch - pizza/cans of coke etc - always good to be nice to them wink and they'll care of your stuff.

* Don't overpack boxes of books - put some in the bottom and then fill with bedding/linen/other stuff that's light.

* Use old tins/plastic lidded boxes etc to put away stuff from junk drawers that you want to keep and buy elastic bands to tidy papers/documents that need keeping but aren't filed. (I had a tin full of blue tak/safety pins/ink pad/tipex/penicl sharpener etc - that would normally live in my junk drawer).

*Use towels/tea towels to wrap some stuff if it's easier - saves space too.

*DVDs/books etc can be packed as soon as. Then seal boxes and stack out of the way.

Good luck with your move - we're forces and about to do our 9th move in 12 yrs!!!

Ethie Wed 22-Jun-11 10:06:50

Who are you using to move all your boxes once packed? I am looking for a recommendation on a removal company in West London..... Suggestions gratefully received..... smile

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