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Light shades - hurrah and curtains - wow! Help a decorating virgin

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Mumswang Mon 20-Jun-11 12:52:02

we're about to move into our first own home. Which is wonderful, but I am clueless having never really decorated before.....

So, lightshades, do they usually compliment your furniture, or your walls, or curtains? I know ideally they'd all blend and hopefully it will, but we have a goldish sofa, goldish curtains, wooden floor, light wood furniture, so would a goldish light shade be the thing or too much (also not blingy gold, more beigy gold)

And, I know this is open to a wide range of answers, but would you say £160 for Sanderson fabric (silk) curtains big enough to cover a patio door is reasonable? Seems so to me but I've only ever bought £30 ones in ikea


teta Mon 20-Jun-11 13:47:28

Thats a really reasonable price for curtains especially if they are silk.Gold is a good base colour if you want to paint the walls a contrasting colour.It will go with red,pink and teal/blue shades or even a neutral colour.The shade will be fine.If everything is gold it might look a little bland so you could contrast with silk cushions [Dunelm Mill] or even Ikea and a fur throw[or cashmere blanket] and flowers.

Mumswang Mon 20-Jun-11 14:08:42

Thanks Teta, I thought so, but now I'm suspicious hmm

Thanks for your advice. So many decisions to make

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