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Dark floor, very light walls and dark furniture - would it work or be too dark?

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newnamenickname Sun 19-Jun-11 01:18:46

House is fairly light - decent sized windows, one corner of main living room is a little shady though. Planning to paint all walls in a very light paint - a very light cream if I can find one.

Furniture/ mantlepiece is mostly like a reddish brown colour (mixture of woods for each piece - acacia, dark oak and mahogany I guess), hoping floor to be similar shade. Sofas are dark brown.

Staircase painted white, with a dark banister, but can paint it all white to lift it I guess.

Just wondering if a dark floor on the ground floor would be too much.

Gonzo33 Sun 19-Jun-11 05:49:03

I don't think so if your planning on painting very light cream. Sounds nice. If your looking to put it with the flooring in the other thread you started I think it would look really good.

mathanxiety Sun 19-Jun-11 06:02:13

The dark floor would be lovely imo, but I would put cushions in bright colours, even duck egg blue and other almost caribbean shades on the sofa or any dark upholstered chairs if you have them (but no yellow). I would leave the bannister dark, not just because white paint would look grubby immediately, but because a dark bannister would be nice.

CheerfulYank Sun 19-Jun-11 06:10:27

What math said. smile I want to see pictures, too!

newnamenickname Sun 19-Jun-11 10:08:10

Thank you very much, all of you. I'll pop up and see the floor today and see if DH likes it as much as I do. I've been looking for months, since October, so hopefully get some today while it's on offer.

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