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Should i be rehoused because of my childs health??

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marleypup Fri 17-Jun-11 12:56:05


Maybe someone can help, i have spent the last week trying to get moved and have got no where.

My baby was born 9 weeks prem and has various respiatory problems he also had bronculitious and has been in hospital 7 times in 6 months due to weezing etc he is always ill takes inhalers and the hospital is currently investigating his problems, i have had to go part time at work because his nursey cant cater for his problems and need for extra attention, i have approached the council about a move because i'm on a 2nd floor flat and the neighbours all smoke in the hallway which i have to walk through, i have to keep my son away from this sort of thing as much as possiable. it even comes through the windows from the flat below so i cant open my windows. My doctor is currently writing me a letter but i've been told by the council that hes not disabled and you cant always protect children from smoke!!
it is definatley adding to his problems tho.

dont know what else i can do to get a move??

2ddornot2dd Sat 18-Jun-11 00:06:47

The best thing to do would be to put your name on lots of local Housing Association waiting lists. You can also consider looking for a house through a private landlord, but you need to be aware of your area's local housing allowance, which is how much you would get each month - it should be available on your council website. You should also be aware that this amount is likely to go down each year, potentially leaving you with a shortfall in the future, which you would need to make up out of your own income. This may be very difficult for you to do if the government keeps getting tighter.

You will never get as secure a tenancy agreement with a private landlord as you will with the council or housing association, but if you think it will really help your son, it is an avenue you could consider.

I'm afraid that it's not likely to be an easy answer either way for you.

januaryjojo Sat 18-Jun-11 19:46:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Islandlady Sun 19-Jun-11 09:41:38

Can you speak to the council about the people smoking in corridors.

I dont think you can do anything about people smoking in their flats as its their home but surely corridors are common areas and would therefore come under the 2007 anti smoking legislation.

Bother I hate the way this board wont let you edit your post.

I will try and find out about common areas and re post

Islandlady Sun 19-Jun-11 10:03:26

B&gger Can find anything but I am sure I am right hopefully someone more clever then me can give you a link

I think its the same part of the law that some hotels and cruise ships use to allow smoking in the home but not corridors

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