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Suggestions for a baby/toddler proof sofa please...

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Helzapoppin Thu 16-Jun-11 19:36:01

Turns out my work has underpaid me and I have a little money to spend on a much needed sofa (our current one was given by a friend as a leftover from her divorce seven years ago....)

I was hoping to spend not much more than £600 but am aware that there are sales coming up so was hoping I'd get something for that.

It needs to be quite big, comfy and not too affected by sticky fingers/milky sick (nice...)

The room we are having it in is a smallish living room with white walls, pale blue and cream curtains and a big silver mirror. was thinking cream/neutral coloured by maybe brown leather (too expensive?)

Any ideas would be really helpful smile

wisecamel Thu 16-Jun-11 21:36:04

OK, so leather will wipe clean when little'un spews on it otherwise removable washable covers essential. Personally I bought one from Argos for peanuts when DCs were babes and now they are thinking about secondary school, I might consider replacing it! But then, I can't bear the thought of DCs chucking ribena over anything that cost more than £200! wink

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