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Trouble proving I'll be able to afford the rent - advice please

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malinkey Thu 16-Jun-11 09:38:53

I hope someone can help me with this. I'm separating from my husband and moving with my son into rented accommodation. We're selling our flat, have exchanged already and are due to complete in 3 weeks. I have found somewhere to rent and have provided all the references etc to the agency.

But - the letting agency are saying that my salary isn't enough to cover the rent. (I work part time at the moment but will increase my hours when my son is settled at school next year.) I'm lucky that I'll be getting a lump sum from the sale of the flat (several thousand) that would be enough to more than cover a year's rent without me having to work at all, but they seem to only go by my salary and don't seem to want to take this into account. Because we're not completing until after the start date of the tenancy the money won't be in my account straight away so I have no proof that I have it.

a) Is there anything I can do to convince them that I'll be able to pay, like have a guarantor or something else?
b) Should I just give up on this property and wait until I've completed when I can pay 6 months rent in advance?

What do you think?

Tillyscoutsmum Thu 16-Jun-11 09:42:25

Unfortunately, some residential letting agents are a bit thick shortsighted and have a basic formula based on salary vs rent. You could perhaps try a letter from your solicitor confirming the agreement regarding the lump sum ?

However, I suspect a guarantor would be your best bet.

malinkey Thu 16-Jun-11 09:47:19

Thanks Tilly. Yes, it is a bit 'computer says no'.

I wrote and suggested a solicitor's letter or a guarantor and the response was they needed to see proof of my salary being above a set level - which it isn't and won't be. Will phone them and see if I can get anywhere.

Tillyscoutsmum Thu 16-Jun-11 10:17:05

There should be no reason at all why they wouldn't accept a suitable guarantor. The Landlord only wants to be sure he gets his rent. If you don't pay it and they have someone else who is legally liable to pay it, then they would be silly to turn it down.

Hope you manage to get something sorted

malinkey Thu 16-Jun-11 10:40:38

Thanks. Will see if I can rope my sister into being my guarantor!

LadyGoneGaga Thu 16-Jun-11 14:36:06

Could you offer to pay the rent up front if you are getting a lump sum?

malinkey Thu 16-Jun-11 16:12:14

Lady, I would but the start date of the rental contract is before we complete on the flat sale so I won't have the money available for 2 more weeks. I've said I would be happy to pay up front once I've got the money but I guess they won't take my word for it.

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