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How picky do you get with tradesmen?

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DisparityCausesInstability Sun 12-Jun-11 08:17:48

We are having some work done and looking at a few of the finishes - they are not good. A corner isn't plastered smoothly - doesn't look straight from the side - a little wonky so to speak - dh thinks we should just sand it. Also the mitre on a few of the architraves is a bit gappy - some could be filled but other bits the wood has get shot the right angle.

Dh is pretty laid back about stuff like this - wouldn't notice it till I point it out - he thinks I'm being a bit petty and will piss the builder off by picking holes in with the small stuff.

What do you do - how much of a perfectionist are you with someone else's work?

DisparityCausesInstability Sun 12-Jun-11 08:19:05

Meant to say the wood has shot past the right angle.

southeastastra Sun 12-Jun-11 08:20:17

definitely say something if it's not up to scratch, you are paying after all

Putthatbookdown Sun 12-Jun-11 19:23:36

3 friends and I recently had this discussion. If we could we would do it ourselves! We think that when it comes to inside your home you are entitled to be a bit more picky : you have to live with it. It is all about money. We had a laugh the other day: a guy tried to promote a new oven -in fact when we spoke further this "new" stuff gave him all sorts of problems and they had paid a fortune for it. They want you to shell out

bluebobbin Sun 12-Jun-11 19:28:46

If I could fix it myself, I wouldn't say anything. If I couldn't, I would say something, but very nicely.

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