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pine kitchen units - what stain / treatment for insides? Teta?

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dsamm Sat 11-Jun-11 08:26:45

Question for those of you who have have had pine painted kitchens....
what did you use inside the cupboards? And are you happy with it?
If I don't say otherwise they'll come treated which just makes the white pine a little darker. I'd prefer another look and was thinking a coloured stain - has anyone done that and does it look good? Teta, I think you were going for grey/green/blue - how did that go if you've done it?
Anyone tried a darker wood stain?
Bit nervous as I think if you go down one route it could be hard to change later?

teta Sat 11-Jun-11 09:21:55

I have stained and oiled the inside of cupboards and drawers that won't be seen with a light brown stain.I have painted the inside of my pantry cupboards and glass fronted cupboard F&B Light Blue [contrasting colour to Skimming Stone on the outside].I didn't have time to get a blue stain [and didn't know any shops that sold it as i live in a one-horse town!].Have since seen it in a decorating shop in sheer and opaque blue and would definately go for it next time.Went for dulux Diamond eggshell as it promises to be very hardwearing [seems a perfect match to the F&B colour].Hope this helps.

dsamm Sat 11-Jun-11 13:07:09

thank you! It's hard to control the timings on these things isn't it? Ideally I would like to get hold of various stain samples and try them on some blank strips, but of course the chance of me actually managing that in time is slim.
How does the skimming stone look painted up? Our kitchen will also be north facing so F&B shop say don't go too cool...
I'm chasing my tail with all of these decisions!

teta Sat 11-Jun-11 15:53:11

Skimming stone just looks really neutral and pale on my units.Also elephants breath looks quite pale in my kitchen surprisingly [on the island].Although it looks darker [but quite warm] on my doors.The pale cool colours actually make my kitchen feel more spacious and light [with strong white on the walls].

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