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Spending on house - does it ever stop??!!

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newnamenickname Fri 10-Jun-11 11:01:33

We first bought our our house nearly 12 years ago and furnished it quickly with cheaper end/ second hand stuff. Up until the last couple of years or so we haven't done much with it tbh.

In the last year, we've decided to sort the house out for good (instead of moving) but every month we seem to be spending on something big and it seems to be dragging on.

I'm more of a saver than a spender and everything is in control, but I'm worrying it's never going to stop!

Do you get to a point and think that's it - it's fine now as it is, I'm not spending any more?

Hassled Fri 10-Jun-11 11:04:00

It is a bottomless pit into which you hurl money. No, it never stops. By the time you've redecorated the whole house the bit you started on has started looking a bit shabby. And then the roof will start to leak a bit or some of the guttering will go or a mysterious damp patch will appear on a wall. If I think about it too long I want to weep.

newnamenickname Fri 10-Jun-11 11:32:16

Thanks hassled! I think before I was never that houseproud, I was too busy and never at home that much to think about it.

Now, I want it to be nice so I can invite people over to play with my daughter and there's still lots left to do/buy before I'm happy with how it looks. Storage needs have also increased with my daughter's toys/ clothes.

I think as well, appliances and furniture - washing machine/ tv / hoover/ sofa/ bed/ carpet all seemed to need replacing at around the 10 year mark so it's all come at once.

GrendelsMum Fri 10-Jun-11 11:51:13

Alas, so true sad

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