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recycled glass countertops

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iskra Thu 09-Jun-11 10:31:19

Has anyone had these? It's the only part of this kitchen re-do that I have got excited about at all.

I'm concerned about durability, mainly.

noddyholder Thu 09-Jun-11 10:33:47

I love them. I don't have them as I mainly do refurbs and too expensive but my next house is 'mine' and I am going to look at them. I am in Brighton and there is a co in crawley who do an amazing pink one Glasseco. I know they are really hardwearing and have seen a white and grey one in situ and tehy look beautiful

iskra Thu 09-Jun-11 10:37:51

that is exactly what I wanted to hear, noddyholder! Glasseco are the company I've been in touch with, they are sending me out a sample & a quote.

They say they are the same price as "mid level" granite - what sort of price might that be, do you know? We got quoted £4000 for granite worktops from one place, but I don't know whether that was expensive or cheap granite, if you see what I mean! I know you are a bit of a kitchen expert...

lalalonglegs Thu 09-Jun-11 10:41:23

I visited a house with these in - the owner manufactured them. Just googled it and it's Glasseco - they did look great though. He certainly thought that they were very durable (but then he would...). There's also another place I've heard of called, I think, Bottle Alley. I've always fancied them myself - do you have any idea how much they cost?

noddyholder Thu 09-Jun-11 10:44:14

I think they are slightly cheaper than granite. They are definitely more stain resistant and the colours are better. Plus they are environmentally friendly.Have you looked at engineered stone? It is lovely too and similar price. I have oak atm and love it but can't wait for a change.

lalalonglegs Thu 09-Jun-11 10:47:55

I have oak too which does look nice but I think next time I would like something that is wipe and go. I spend a lot of time thinking about what my next kitchen (in houses I am nowhere near purchasing) will be like...

noddyholder Thu 09-Jun-11 11:06:57

I think I may be about to get the house I have always wanted! Then I will get the kitchen too. Just have to sell this one grin!

iskra Thu 09-Jun-11 11:22:03

Yes, saw some lovely engineered stone (can't remember it's name - began with C) in a showroom the other day. Apparently a bit stain prone though.

We have butcher block style worktops in this flat (rented) & I used to love it but have gone off it over the past 5 years... Also it's really damp & in bad condition around the sink.

What's the kitchen you've always wanted then, noddyholder?

noddyholder Thu 09-Jun-11 11:25:37

Not sure but I always do a set look which is nice but also sells well.I just want my own choice. Simple white with maybe polished concrete worktops and a reclaimed oak floor

DELHI Thu 09-Jun-11 11:45:19

There's another company, Resilica, who do them too - I think they are lovely!Saw a gorgeous pink one in a mag recently.

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