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Help-are there any builders/glazers who can offer some advice!?

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Teachermumof3 Wed 08-Jun-11 10:37:03

We have large double-glazed bay windows in our 1920s house which are plain glass with no separate pane at the top. Like this, but bigger-,r:10,s:0&biw=1307&bih=555

sorry for the long links!

This looks rather old-fashioned as they are rather long expanses of broken glass. What I would really prefer is this 'look'-with a smaller pane at the top...,r:12,s:0&tx=31&ty=89&biw=1307&bih=555

However, we can't afford to replace the double glazing at the moment! I was wondering if there was any way a white thin 2/3 inch trim of plastic could be attached (glued?)!) horizontally between the exterior vertical plastic window bits to create mock top panes?

This probably can't be done, can it? They'd look silly or fall off or something?

I just wondered what a glazer/builder would say-would they just laugh at me and tell me to replace the windows!!?

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