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Boiling Water Taps

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wools Tue 07-Jun-11 06:57:14

We are getting a new kitchen installed and I quite fancy a boiling water tap. Do any of you have one of these and what is your opinion on them?
I'm also a bit baffled about the varying prices on them. A Zip Hydrotap is priced anything from £1600 and above. A Quooker is about £700 and I've seen one by Blanco which does boiling water and chilled filtered water but only costs about £550. Why such price variation - are Zip taps so much better? I'd appreciate any thoughts you may have.

narmada Tue 07-Jun-11 14:20:03

I always wonder how safe they are - I am confident my 3 year old could circumvent most safety controls (she can open lots of fastenings supposed to be childproof and she isn't even particularly strong). Some of them have spray coming out rather than a stream of boiling water, but TBH I can't see how this is any safer - it's still boiling spray.

I know that kettles can also be dangerous but you can put them in an unreachable place, something you can't do with a tap, really.

clangermum Wed 08-Jun-11 20:38:20

Think there was a thread a while ago and seem to remember someone saying if you're a tea fan, they thought there was something not quite right about how the tea tasted. So worth trying before buying if you are (never used one myself)

TheDailyWail Wed 08-Jun-11 23:39:34

I am a tea fan and love my hw tap.

I gave an in sink erator which is £400 ish.

Point to note - you will be surrendering a lot of space under the sink for the unit.

I am guessing that the flow is quicker on a qooker tap. My tap is very slow to pour.

wools Thu 09-Jun-11 06:57:16

TheDailWail - thanks, I hadn't heard of the Insinkerator tap so will check that out - the price is more palatable. I think we'll be okay for space under the cupboard.
I've been reading some reviews on an Australian website on the Zip Hydrotap and I've been put off it as a lot of people have said they break very quickly and are expensive to repair. Can't seem to find anything out about Quooker or Blanco.

JentlyDoesIt Thu 09-Jun-11 10:52:16

The quooker tap is great, we had one in the kitchen showroom where I used to work, never noticed any difference in my tea / coffee smile

clangermum Thu 09-Jun-11 11:52:20

see, now I want one wink

Adair Fri 10-Jun-11 20:49:57

I want a quooker tap.

notquitenormal Fri 10-Jun-11 20:57:45

We have them at work and they are convenient and the tea tastes normal to me. However, the unit under the cupboard is massive and I would say it breaks down at around once a month. If you think it serves a floor of 125 people for 9hrs a day five days a week, it's not too bad...but still, if my kettle breaks I can get a new one for a tenner and I don't need a specialist to plug it in.

xalala Fri 10-Jun-11 21:03:11

We have an insinkerator too, it cost about £300 brand new off ebay. It does cold filtered water, and 98 deg water I think.

We fitted it at the back of the worktop, just to the right of the sink. So I can put a saucepan on the worktop and swivel the tap round to fill it, or have it filling over the sink etc. Works really well, no idea where our kettle is these days, don't think we've got one any more.

seemsiwasntloved Tue 21-Jun-11 22:30:43

I've had a Quooker one for 9 months now. It's height adjustable & swivels as far as I need it to go. Hold 6 litres I think before it runs out of boiling water. I get 4 good sized saucepans full before it expires, at any rate.

It's great for pasta & rinsing off food debris, as well as sterilising bottles, cleaning cloths etc.

You have to KNOW how to turn it on. The first time I tried to use it was when I was on my own. I had to phone DH to find out how to work it.

I feel safer with this than a kettle.

Pendeen Wed 22-Jun-11 16:38:22

The usual reason for installing a Hydroboil or Zip is simply because a high volume of boiling water is required in a short space of time - commercial kitchens, village halls and so on.

For domestic use they are quite unnecessary and, as some here have already pointed out, not at all suitable where chidren or vulnerable adults could play with them.

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