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House Names - appaling or appealing?

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Rainydaze Mon 06-Jun-11 18:03:47

We're planning on selling our house. It's a bit opposing at the end of a road. There are three other houses on the road, of which two have names. Someone told me that 'naming' the house adds value. I'm not convinced, as I've always thought house names are a bit naff. It's not as though it's a landmark or anything.

Does it depend on the name? For simplicity I was thinking of calling it >name of road< House.

Would it add value or would the cost of a plaque be a waste?!

Thanks! smile

OldLadyKnowsNothing Mon 06-Jun-11 18:05:34

My house has a name, but it's a farmhouse! Can't see that a name would add or subtract value, tbh.

LynetteScavo Mon 06-Jun-11 18:06:32

I really don't think it would add value to the house.

I used to live in a vicortian terrace where all the houses had names painted over the front door. Definately didn't add any value to them.

If it's a new build it will just look a bit try hard.

Rainydaze Mon 06-Jun-11 18:08:51

Thanks both.

It's mid-80's and so I think it will look tacky. I can do tacky if it sells my house though! wink

castlesintheair Mon 06-Jun-11 18:10:51

I don't see how it can add value. Personally, I find it mildly irritating especially if you are trying to find a place in a built up area and it doesn't have an (obvious) street number. I never address mail to the name of a house, just the street number, unless it's somewhere like OldLadyKnowsNothing's farm which won't have a street number of course!

CroissantNeuf Mon 06-Jun-11 18:18:42

Ours has a name but we never use it, just use the number.

In fact it hasn't even got a sign up with the name on as, when we moved in, we took the old one down as it was a crappy handmade one.

bluebobbin Mon 06-Jun-11 18:19:57

Ours had a name. I have dispensed with it as I think it is ridiculous.

CroissantNeuf Mon 06-Jun-11 18:21:56

Just noticed that you said its a mid 80s house in which case I'd definitely not bother with the name TBH.

It can be OK if a name is vaguely descriptive eg. ABC Farm, XYZ Cottage, The Stables but I doubt the house is a 1980s The Olde Vicarage wink

rubyrubyruby Mon 06-Jun-11 18:23:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BelovedCunt Mon 06-Jun-11 18:25:19

yes call it Dun Roamin

KenDoddsDadsDog Mon 06-Jun-11 18:29:20

I know someone with a house called Shalimar!

castlesintheair Mon 06-Jun-11 18:32:45

Someone built a house in a village I lived in as a kid and named it Richgra after his 2 sons. Dead naff but cool too.

DisparityCausesInstability Mon 06-Jun-11 18:37:01

Think you need a name on your house if you don't have a street name or number otherwise imho it's a bit embarrassingly awful. I have no idea whether it adds value - it would put me off slightly.

tyler80 Mon 06-Jun-11 18:46:41

Why on earth do you think it would add value?

Putting a name up on a plaque does not constitute naming your house either. Everything official with have the original address - unless you're going to go to the trouble of contacting the local authority and getting it named officially(which they may or may not do and if they do they might charge for it).

mylovelymonster Mon 06-Jun-11 18:53:23

EAs think it adds gravitas and personality/presence and therefore £££. I would change someone else's house name (unless of historic interest) if I bought the place.

Rainydaze Mon 06-Jun-11 18:54:05

Thanks all.

It looks like everyone agrees with me - naming is naff!

Thanks. smile

Rainydaze Mon 06-Jun-11 18:56:22

Sorry, I should add naming is naff in this case.

MarionCole Mon 06-Jun-11 18:57:56

A name is fine if it's an old house and the name is original. I wouldn't name a modern house.

SybilBeddows Mon 06-Jun-11 21:09:48

I saw a house for sale called Low Hall; it seems the vendors have changed its name from Neddy Hall (Neddy came from nether, ie low) which had been its name for centuries.
You can see why they did it but I thought it was a bit of a shame.

nocake Mon 06-Jun-11 22:22:07

Nooooooo... please don't name your house if it doesn't already have one. It's pretentious and makes deliveries a nightmare. Our house does have a name, rather than a number, and I regularly get calls from delivery drivers who can't find us.

Karbea Mon 06-Jun-11 22:25:06

We've had an offer accepted on a house today and if all goes well, the house will lose it's name....

sooz28 Tue 07-Jun-11 11:25:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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