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3 Sales fallen through ,desperate to move but what can I do????

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piranhamorgana Sun 05-Jun-11 22:09:50

I put my house on the market in February,with an on line agent and had an offer within a week.I had my offer accepted on a house I really loved,in a great area.We exchanged but shortly afterwards,the buyer admitted that she had not received as much cash from her divorce settlement as expected and being unable to raise a large enough mortgage,she could no longer proceed.

Another viewing within the week,led to another offer and it looked as though my purchase could still go ahead.This time,the buyer found another property she liked better,four weeks down the line.The owners of the property I wanted,then sold to someone else.

I changed to a local EA and had an offer last week.I was told by the purchasers at the second viewing that they were under offer to a cash purchaser and wanted to move during August. I spent half term looking around for somewhere to buy.Yesterday,the EA told me that the cash purchasers had decided on another property .So I no longer have a proceed-able offer.

AAAAARGH.I am trying to relocate from the sticks to a city suburb with my 5 dc.They can't wait to get involved in social activities and to get around on public transport.We want to leave this house,the area and all it's memories behind.We have friends in the new area ,which is 50 miles away,and visit at weekends.We packed up all our books,dvd's and loads of other stuff back in Feb.As a single parent,I have no one to share my frustrations about all this with and am finding it stressful.We are all fed up with the on/off highs and lows.

The market is obviously poor,and we live in an area which is not great at the best of times.I have only had 3 viewings,and even though they all wanted to buy - allegedly - that is still low.I am so fed up.I just want to get going.

I have thought of renting ,but not sure I could cope with being a landlady and am concerned that I might have to do lots of improvements first anyway.

Thanks for reading. Any magic wands welcome...

lalalonglegs Sun 05-Jun-11 22:14:25

To be honest, I think having three offers is pretty good so your house must be nice and priced sensibly. I know it's horrible and depressing at the moment, but someone else will want it soon - get the agents to call round and get some more viewings for you. Three falling through is intensely bad luck wine.

mylovelymonster Sun 05-Jun-11 22:43:32

If you're anywhere in Herts/Beds/Cambs and have four beds & big garden, I might be interested smile - or smaller with space to extend.
Desperate to move too, just can't find our next home. Life on hold, bit like you, but it sounds as though you're having a really tough time of it so wishing you best of luck for moving on.

piranhamorgana Sun 05-Jun-11 23:00:29

Yes,three offers is good,and having just read through the sharp stick thread,I am probably doing ok on price.Plus I would probably bite the arm off a genuine cash buyer at virtually any price,I would probably take 30k less than asking,and I am listed at 30k less than the valuation and at a 30k loss on what I paid 2 years ago.
I just want to goooooooo. Now.And then get on with life and not caring about the housework.

Yes,4 beds ,big garden,beautiful views and original features.Wales,sadly.

mylovelymonster Sun 05-Jun-11 23:13:14

Sadly can't commute from Wales, otherwise sounds perfick <<sigh>>

SybilBeddows Mon 06-Jun-11 09:39:08

obviously your price is not unreasonable if you are getting offers but what about dropping it a bit to get the viewings in?

then be ultra-tough on only accepting offers from people who are genuinely proceedable.

it sounds hugely stressful, I can't imagine having to do all the packing stuff to no avail and on your own.

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