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Anyone sold house via Or via web generally?

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BellaFonti Fri 03-Jun-11 20:34:32

Trying to save some cash, and as we aren't in a rush I'm wondering if this might be a good idea...? Or a waste of money?

Does anyone have any experience of using them? Basically they do floorplans, for sale board, photos, EPC, book appts, and advertise on rightmove/zoopla/findaproperty.

I'm guessing the downsides are that the online agents - 121move or others - won't have local area knowledge,or a database of buyers... its basically an internet sale.

I'm thinking that for less than £400 it might be worth a go?

I should add that I've never sold a house before...

Can you tell?!

BellaFonti Fri 03-Jun-11 20:57:43


narmada Fri 03-Jun-11 21:55:54

It depends where you're selling I think. If it's in London or surrounds, I would go for it as the property market is still buoyant here and I really don't see the point of agents - rightmove etc does the job for them (save from viewings, and you can always schedule those all in for the weekend). If it's elsewhere in the country, especially where prices have taken a knock then I would consider using an agent but I would ask for evidence of their stock of buyers before going with them.

CoonRapids Fri 03-Jun-11 22:00:40

Hi - I would consider the role of the agent in the conveyancing process as well as in finding a buyer. I think buyers sometimes prefer to go via an agent on the highstreet? We had the option of buying our house via 121 or local agent (it was on with both) and we chose the local agent. The conveyancing process was complicated and drawn out, even with only 3 parties in the chain and only the one agent involved (we were selling via them already, by chance).

Sushiqueen Fri 03-Jun-11 22:04:37

We are in the process of buying a house that was for sale with an internet estate agent. We are moving to a completely new area so checked it all out on the internet first. So any house on there stood just as much chance with us.

They don't have the local knowledge which is obvious when you deal with them and the sellers can dictate things more pricewise. And the buyers will have to do more of the liasing such as arranging survey times. The agency told our surveyor to contact the vendor directly to sort things out.

Some offer various price options ie pay a small fixed fee whether you sell or not or pay more when the sale completes etc.

narmada Fri 03-Jun-11 22:11:50

The agent doesn't really do anything in terms of formal conveyancing - that's for the solicitors to bash out surely? They can perhaps be useful if there's a long chain in terms of negotiating with other sellers/ buyers further up and down I suppose, but I know so many people whose agents have failed them on this front/ lied to them to keep them sweet etc etc etc.

As a buyer, I personally would give my right arm to avoid high street agents (with a few noble exceptions).

Sellers always dictate things price-wise, surely? I am sure an internet company worth their salt would offer some sort of valuation - it's not rocket science.

Fizzylemonade Sat 04-Jun-11 00:38:47

We sold with house network who are an internet only estate agent, and bought a house with them too.

Yes an estate agent can give you local knowledge if you are moving to a new area (although I wouldn't always trust this) and they do have some people registered on their books but I certainly didn't register with any estate agent when we were looking to buy. They can also show someone round a property but these days most estate agents don't do that. That was certainly the case for the properties we viewed who were on with high street agents.

I checked Rightmove daily and Globrix for properties then contacted the estate agent.

Housenetwork did everything except show people round our house. Our house had lots of photos and floorplans. They value your house using databases that banks etc use when you ask for a secured loan. We had already had 3 local agents value it so we had an idea of what to market it at and what we could expect to achieve.

We had a dedicated agent and a direct line to her, all the updates were logged on our account so we could see viewings/offers etc.

We paid a fixed fee and I cannot fault them. Ours wasn't a straight forward move in terms of issues and they were very professional.

BellaFonti Sun 05-Jun-11 15:32:01

hmm all sounds quite good... I guess its worth a try... Any tips for showing people around myself??

Including what to do with my toddler at this time?!

minimad Wed 05-Aug-15 02:08:22

I've used 121 move to sell my house. Great service loads of support and huge savings. Give them a try

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