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household noises that irritate you most?

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magpienchips Thu 02-Jun-11 15:08:36

Ever since my parents moved to a council estate in the 1970s I became accustomed to the problem of being disturbed by household noises coming from the flats of our neighbors.
at that time it it was mainly the noise caused by the people living above us who used to play fight causing loud thuds which after a while become intolerable so my parents got a transfer to a house and thankfully we were able to live in reasonable peace.
then when i left home and moved to a council estate it was like a major culture shock for me because the estate was in a terrible condition very run down.
and sadly the household noise problem increased
not just from kids running up and down in the hallways and kicking footballs but people would scrape their chairs across the floor making that horrible screeching sound.
of all the household noises known that is the one i can not bear...and even though I now live in a modern housing association flat
I am still disturbed by my neighbours who regularly drag their chairs across the floor.
and even when i asked them politely to stop doing it all i got was an earful
and so the disturbance continues.
i try so much to desensitize myself but I just can't bear that sound.
i think that part of the problem is due to the walls not having enough sound proofing material between them so when my neighbours move around i can hear every sound.
does anyone else suffer this?

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