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NODDY or anyone else who knows about stripping

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mumblechum1 Wed 01-Jun-11 21:52:38

I have an old oak table with extra leaves which has been hanging round in the cellar for years. I want to strip it but don't know how. It has horrible dark brown stain and varnish on top. The legs are sort of bulbous.

I think it's probably Edwardian. My friend has a very similar one which she bought ready stripped and it looks lovely, a light oak with I presume some sort of matt varnish.

Would you or anyone else be able to recommend a paint stripper? Or should I have a go with my blowtorch thingy (not literally a blowtorch). Or I have an electric sander but will that go right through the stain?

Thanking you.

7to25 Wed 01-Jun-11 23:22:21

Not a blowtorch, it will scorch the wood!

blackeyeddog Thu 02-Jun-11 01:16:31

Just have a go with some Paint and Varnish stripper from B&Q. Try it somewhere discreet to ge an idea if it works. I've been stripping paint from my walls and then out of interest dabbing bits on old dark furniture that I have dotted around and it does work. Sticky smelly job though.

Please don't take a sander to it, you'll wreck it!

Orbinator Thu 02-Jun-11 01:41:42

You can get paint stripper in cans - I would NOT use anything scratchy or burny on what may be an Edwardian table shock. I assume you are restoring it to its previous splendour and not sanding for re-painting, etc? You can also pay for large things to be dipped, although I've never tried that. Far too satisfying DIYing it grin

Orbinator Thu 02-Jun-11 01:43:16

Or maybe ask your friend what she used. Perhaps have her over to advise (i.e do some of the hard labour) and feed her some scones a la jardin? Oooh, i've planned a lovely day for the two of you there. I'm almost jealous!

mumblechum1 Thu 02-Jun-11 07:45:39

grin Orbinator, please feel free to come over yourself!

Friend bought hers already restored, unfortunately.

OK, so I'll go & buy some paint & varnish stripper from B&Q as suggested.

DH away for a week soon so will do it at my leisure then. I suspect it's gonna be a messy job

Thanks everyone.

Orbinator Thu 02-Jun-11 11:10:25

Good luck - use gloves and enjoy the sunshine while you do it smile
Save me a scone when the gloves come off too wink

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