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Cooker Hoods Help me buy one NOW!!! Please?

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SardineQueen Wed 01-Jun-11 20:43:35

So I need to buy a new cooker hood.

Ordinarily I would research for 6 months and look into what power we need etc but we are coming to the end of an extension after a year and I have totally run out of steam!

So can you lovelies tell me the answer please?

It's in one of those kitchen/diner/living room extension things so needs to be pretty powerful and very quiet...

Thanks in anticipation!

PS I have the John Lewis website open and my trigger finger is ready.

BlackandGold Wed 01-Jun-11 21:05:44

I bought a Bosch last month when we had our new kitchen. Looked in JL but there wasn't anything for us this time.

SardineQueen Wed 01-Jun-11 21:19:28

Thanks black and gold! Are you happy with it?

Strangely my OP isn't igniting as much debate as I'd hoped grin

Ponks Wed 01-Jun-11 22:44:01

Well I have just bought a Bosch chimney hood for our new kitchen / diner / living extension. Not in yet so can't say whether particularly quiet (think all will be noisy when on max) but got it as it seems pretty powerful. and nice looking.
like this

BlackandGold Wed 01-Jun-11 22:55:41

Mine looks just like yours Ponks

It's fine, not too noisy plus I often use it as an extra bit of light on that side of the kitchen.

DH was v particular about not having one that was too noisy and he's happy with it.

Julesnobrain Thu 02-Jun-11 00:51:10

Smeg in brushed steel, look great, very efficient and quiet. Ours is flat and v modern with touch controls. Was about £500

PigletJohn Thu 02-Jun-11 08:17:27

just to check, yours is going to extract through the wall? not just recirculate the steam and blow it around the kitchen? where is the hole (going to be)?

SardineQueen Thu 02-Jun-11 09:50:50

Piglet the it's on an outside wall so will be vented through the wall to the outside.

Thanks for bosch and smeg tips I'm perusing them!

bacon Thu 02-Jun-11 16:44:37

Elica are one of the best. also brittania do pricey ones. I would always have external extract.

Steel/aluminium varies in quality so watch what cleaning products you use.

SardineQueen Sat 04-Jun-11 17:27:34

Thanks bacon and everyone smile

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