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Open shelving in kitchen

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bzzbee Mon 11-Feb-13 15:42:32

Mmm I'm wondering if 30cm is too deep, 25cm would probably be ok, tiny overhang for dinner plates but the shelves might look better.

MinimalistMommi Mon 11-Feb-13 15:28:44

Oh sorry, just saw this was an old thread.

MinimalistMommi Mon 11-Feb-13 15:27:37

Oh yes, and when we refit kitchen at one end we will have one tall slim larder unit for all of our dry food stuffs.

MinimalistMommi Mon 11-Feb-13 15:26:37

OP, I have similar kitchen as you, galley with door at one end, but we have huge window on one side. We have just ripped any wall units of the wall as they were 'cramping' the kitchen. We have decluttered lots and will not have wall units when we refit the kitchen. I plan on an open shelf for pretty everyday cups and glasses (squash glasses etc for the kids) and I intend on putting up a very pretty plate rack to hold everyday plates/saucers. We live in a cottage though so I think it will suit the kitchen. We will be hiding 'ugly' stuff, saucepans etc in the cupboards. This might not be your style, but you could make a feature out of shelving by collecting vintage cups/plates in a mismatched style which could look very pretty, but again I guess this would suit a cottage style house with a butler sink, wooden work tops etc. This is the style I'm planning on. Have you tried looking at Pinterest for inspiration?

wfrances Mon 11-Feb-13 15:08:57

22 cm approx , i dont keep the dinner plates on them,they are too narrow for that.
i keep the side plates,mugs,water glasses ect.. we have lots of bottom cabinets so storage isnt an issue but i needed to put something on the wall.

bzzbee Mon 11-Feb-13 14:15:46

Hi wfrances, what depth are your shelves please?

wfrances Mon 11-Feb-13 12:01:54

i have shelves , we have a galley kitchen so wall cabinets would make the room look too closed in.
we have a mixture of everyday used items and decorative stuff.
i wipe them down quite regular ,when i wipe down the cupboard doors ect.
im very happy with mine.

bzzbee Mon 11-Feb-13 10:38:51

Resurrecting this thread- we are looking at getting some rows of open shelves in our new kitchen.

What depth do people recommend?
Our fitter has recommended 21 cm or so, but this sounds a bit narrow for dinner platse. Then again the narrow ones might look better/less danger of things getting cluttered and "double-parked" if you see what i mean.

I like these ones but not sure what depth they are:

Reality Wed 01-Jun-11 12:23:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

7to25 Wed 01-Jun-11 12:20:38

sounds like you heve a good builder, who actually thinks and cares!

Reality Wed 01-Jun-11 11:38:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jamaisjedors Wed 01-Jun-11 09:31:23

IMO the kitchen people probably want to sell your more units because it will cost more - a couple of bits of wood for the shelves will be cheap (think that's why the previous owners in our house did it like that).

Definitely agree that plates etc are fine out, as I said, we have loads of things like jars of marmite, packets of pasta and rice and it all gets a bit sticky and dusty and it's hard picking up 10 million small things off a shelf to clean under them.

Buda Wed 01-Jun-11 08:36:27

I think open shelves can look fab but I worry that I would use as a dumping ground. We have some open shelves in this house and one section does end up as a dumping ground. Mind you my whole house resembles a dumping ground tbh!

I think you could do it but you would have to be a bit strict with yourself about keeping it tidy and cleaning everything regularly. Not too hard if it is all crockery and glasses as you just shove it all through dishwasher ever so often and clean down shelves.

Reality Wed 01-Jun-11 08:24:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PatientGriselda Wed 01-Jun-11 08:21:47

Darkness is miserable in a kitchen, I think. Would it be ridiculous to try to get some cardboard boxes and tape them up at head height, so you could get a sense of how it might close in the kitchen and block the light?

Reality Wed 01-Jun-11 08:17:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PatientGriselda Wed 01-Jun-11 08:15:20

I bought a house with the same sort of kitchen and replaced some of the cupboards with open shelves in order to get more light through. It does mean that greasy dust builds up on the shelves and the plates/glasses on them, but I am less depressed by cleaning them than I would be by having to be in a gloomy kitchen every day.

I only take everything off about four times a year , so it's not really that onerous. Also, it's easier if they are repositories for easy washable things like crockery and glassware rather than food - it's much harder to clean the outside of a packet of pasta than it is to wipe a plate.

Reality Wed 01-Jun-11 08:14:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

EllieQ Wed 01-Jun-11 08:00:48

We had open shelves in the kitchen in our old house, as the landlord hadn't put in a proper kitchen, and I wouldn't recommend it. You do end up with dusty and greasy crockery (ours was near the cooker so was bad for grease), and I found it always looked messy unless everything was in perfect order!

You could try cupboards with a section of open shelving in the middle, as that might break up the 'corridor' effect but still give you storage space?

jamaisjedors Wed 01-Jun-11 08:00:05

ooh we are doing our new kitchen at the moment too - I'll be back later - we have lots of open shelves and they are a pain and look messy imo - on the other hand we will probably put some into our design for everyday plates glasses etc. (at the moment it's dry goods and larder stuff that's out)

Reality Wed 01-Jun-11 07:54:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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