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Suggest a flooring for my ensuite, need ideas

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curlywurlycremeegg Mon 30-May-11 15:51:00

We have just about finished our loft conversion and have an average sized bathroom up there, 10ft by 8ft approx. I have amtico in my main bathroom and love it, was thinking of having amtico again but thought I would ask for any suggestions. There will be underfloor heating (electric) laid first and then the floor will be levelled. I think I want something bright, was looking at the amtico flamingo. Ideas please smile

cyb Mon 30-May-11 15:53:34

Personally that colour would get on my nerves after a while. More sense to go for a neutral and inject colour with towels/blind that you can change later

curlywurlycremeegg Mon 30-May-11 16:01:24

I was probably going to go for white tiles, the units are white gloss, so everything is pretty plain so far! I would add a bit of colour with the splashback to the sink and probably a wall of bright mosaics in the shower. I was a bit worried about the colour however I have gone for a bright (but not quite so vibrant!) colour in the main bathroom and really love it. Any suggestions to what sort of material to go for?

fapl Mon 30-May-11 22:15:45

how about a rubber? google dalsouple. I agree that pink is a bit full on and you may love it now, but flooring may be difficult/expensive to change, especially if it is fit under the bathroom suite. Towels as suggested are great for bringing colour into a bathroom.

We have Amtico in our main bathroom, and went for a piece of textured industrial vinyl in our tiny ensuite. It is a light apple green colour, the glass splashback behind the basin has a tinge of green to it so it ties in nicely. It doesn't sound that nice reading it back, but I like it, it is a very fresh colour.

GrendelsMum Mon 30-May-11 22:26:15

You won't like this, but have you thought about cork? We recently stayed in the most gorgeous house, and one of the things I liked about it was that the cork floor of the bathroom was wonderfully warm underfoot.

Having said that, if you like pink floors, you like pink floors, so go for it. We have a bright green kitchen which is probably not to everyone's taste by a long way, but we love it.

DisparityCausesInstability Mon 30-May-11 22:48:13

Would go for something from these guys vinyl. Cheap enough to change if you get bored.

DisparityCausesInstability Mon 30-May-11 22:51:02

By the way I'm glad a few of you have mentioned green floors because that's what I'm thinking of putting in one of the bathrooms - clean and vibrant looking - am so bored with neutrals, especially biege, I hate beige.

IHeartKingThistle Tue 31-May-11 00:13:10

I don't know about the type of flooring, but if you love the pink get the pink! Against everyone's advice I put hot pink carpet in our old bathroom with white suite and tiles and hot pink towels and it was AWESOME. I never regretted it for a second.

(Don't property-flame me for putting carpet in my bathroom - there wasn't a shower, DH is very well-trained and it was very soft to kneel on when bathing the DC!)

wonkylegs Wed 01-Jun-11 22:39:38

I'm a big fan of bamboo in bathrooms,
but if you are up for more colour look at these

or if you're really out there...

GrendelsMum Thu 02-Jun-11 10:59:17

Oh I love bamboo.

But I'm now really tempted to go for a brightly coloured bathroom floor myself, at least in one of our new bathrooms.

What would people put on the walls of a small bathroom with a brightly coloured floor (e.g. lime green or deep purple?) Tiles? paper? wood?

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