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Bamboozled by gas

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Mumswang Mon 30-May-11 08:05:44

our current house doesn't gave gas

Our new one does! I am both thrilled and scared!

My first question concerns cookers. We are going to need to buy a freestanding one, vendor is taking theirs. I'd like a electric oven / gas hob combo. I'm pretty sure the vendors had an electric hob. So, we'd need to link up gas to a replacement I suppose. It this an expensive job?

Also this is a temporary (ish) measure as when we can afford it ( prob 3-5 years) we want to build a new kitchen extension. Pergps we'd be better putting up with a simpler electric hob and oven for the time being? Any advice?

Secondly. In front of one of the fireplaces, which is now just an empty hole there is the stub of a pipe, what I assume was a gas supply to an old gas fire which has subsequently been removed. Ican see me tripping over and stubbing my toe on this 10000 times a day. But there must be a reason t's been left? Any ideas why and how easy it would be to get rid of it?


tyler80 Mon 30-May-11 11:48:29

Any movement of gas pipes to hook up a gas hob would require a gas safe engineer, if you plan to redo the kitchen and the hob would be moved you'd have to pay again. As to how much, it depends how far gas pipes are from cooker position etc.

I loath electric hobs, but in your situation I'd probably just get a freestanding electric oven for simplicity rather than mess about with a gas hob which might need changing 3 years down the line.

Mumswang Mon 30-May-11 13:54:08

Thanks Tyler. I'm
Inclined to agree, the hassle of getting a gas connection for a temporaryish measure may be too much

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