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freezers - best shape/design?

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dsamm Sun 29-May-11 08:06:00

undercounter with pull out drawers, tall and thin with shelves and a couple of drawers, mounted higher? So many options these days. What do people find works? I had the 2 shelves above the main fridge in one f/f and it was hopeless - everything just got all bunched up and lost. Do pizzas fit in drawers? Or are shelves better?

PigletJohn Sun 29-May-11 18:31:18

I prefer a tall one with drawers as it prevents getting down and grovelling to find things at the bottom of the back. I have an undercounter fridge and am always losing things in it.

When you have drawers, usually the bottom drawer is not so long as the compressor is behind it. The other drawers can be almost exactly as long as a shelf.

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